About Us - Our School

At Westmeadows Primary we are committed to the fullest educational development of each child. An extensive curriculum stimulates creativity and curiosity to build a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy and an outstanding preparation for secondary years and beyond.

All subjects are enhanced by the innovative use of multi-media technology with computers fully integrated into all year levels.

Our students at Westmeadows Primary enjoy a safe, secure and stimulating environment where they are continually encouraged to aspire. The school is superbly resourced for teaching, learning, sport and play. Our facilities include a multimedia library, a first class Art/Craft amenity, sports hall and well maintained, ample playing fields.

Our students creativity is nurtured, challenged and developed through Visual and Performing Arts, Choir and Drama. 

  • A broad range of extension and recovery programs are provided to meet individual needs and talents.
  • A healthy lifestyle is encouraged through physical education and an active sports program that includes inter school sports competitions.
  • Leadership and social skills are developed through programs that include Junior School Council, Student of the Week, School and House Captains, camps and excursions.

Traditional values

At Westmeadows Primary School we proudly provide your child with a happy and active start to their school life. We nurture concern and respect for others and assist in developing self-confidence and a personal sense of worth and achievement in each of our students. We promote resilience and responsibility as these are life -long traits which will serve the students well.

As a caring school with traditional values, Westmeadows Primary provides positive educational experiences which will help your son or daughter to develop a capacity for learning and personal growth that will last a lifetime.

New school values

School council ratified our new school values which were derived following consultation with our school community - the parents, students and teachers were all surveyed.

School values are:

  • Care and Compassion
  • Co-Operation
  • Respect 
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty

Our Community

The life of the school is enriched through the participation of parents. A warm welcome, an informative newsletter and many special occasions activities enable families to share and enjoy the progress of their children through Westmeadows Primary.