Students - Grade 5/6


End of Term 1, 2017 in Grade 5/6

Grip Student Leadership Conference

On Friday 24th February, all 20 of Westmeadows Primary School Leaders went on an unforgettable journey to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. All of the leaders woke up extremely early to get to Broadmeadows Train Station by 7:40am! After everyone arrived, Mr E and Ms Mok did a quick count and everyone was able to make it on time. We roughly departed the station at 7:50am. When we got on the train, it was packed and squishy but we were all able to get a seat. 

The Leadership Conference taught us not to be afraid to share new ideas, to think outside the box, that there are other ways of being a leader, to be responsible and most importantly, following your school values.

Overall the experience was amazing and superb. All the leaders persisted and showed all the 16 Habits of Mind as well as showed pride in our school. I would like to thank Ms Mok and Mr E for making this day enjoyable and fun, and for looking after us.

Geizell Sullivan